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Thread: Club Meeting (Annual Elections) - 14 Feb 2018

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    Club Meeting (Annual Elections) - 14 Feb 2018

    Dear Club Members,

    It is that time of year to you all to do your civic duty and come for the Elections for the Goddard Sportsmanís Club, the time and place are below. The Nominations were conducted at the January Goddard Sportsmanís Club meeting. At that time the following people were nominated for the positions available:

    President: Mark Walter
    Vice President: Bill Hanrahan
    Treasurer: John Zuby
    Recording Secretary: Scott Stefanoski

    This is the first order of business for the meeting. The planned second order of business is pizza. For planning purposes, how many pizzaís to get we need a head count by February 12th. So PLEASE RSVP if you plan to be there, keep it simple, i.e. I will attend. Thanks

    Meeting Time: Wednesday February 14 2017 11:45 am Ė 1:00 pm
    Meeting Place: GSFC-Conference Room Building 23-Room 432

    Mark Walter
    President Goddard Sportsmanís Club
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