As you can see we've been able to set up this Goddard Gun Club Message Board. This message board is one of the new features that we got when we purchased our web hosting vendor.

As you can see it now has open messge forums for General GGC discussion, Local Gun Events and Shows, Going Shooting, For Sale (for Larry Pratt) and AGC news.

Let me know if we need to add more forums.

I can also add forums that are restricted to "registered club members". I'm sure everyone can imagine the good uses for that.

Later on we can modify the design and appearance of this message board to be more unique to the GGC.

Club members and officers should register on the message board to access the few forums that are restricted to club members only.

After you register, you should send a private message (is not an email) by clicking on the Membership title at the top of this page, select GGCAdmin and click on the "pm" button (2nd column) to the left of the name. Or you can just send an email to mailto:Web_Master@GoddardGunClub.Org. Shortly thereafter you'll have access to the restricted forums after you login.

Mark had already begun posting minutes of the meetings to the restricted forum for Minutes of Meetings.


Bill Hanrahan