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Thread: BW Parkway and transporting guns

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    BW Parkway and transporting guns

    Question about driving on the BW parkway with your legally own and properly stored gun (pistol or long gun). If you are stopped by the US Park Police (or your car breaks down and they stop to give you assistance) and they see your gun in your vehicle, they will confiscate your gun for you having it on federal property. Someone over here at Swales says this is true. What do you know about this? What about driving through the US Agricultural farms?

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    National Park Service web site

    Good question, Chris.

    You got my curiosity stirred up so I sent an email using the National Park police web site "Contact Us' page to ask them this very question.

    The email came back. as "no such user" ( from their own web site.

    Will be out of town for a few days and will call them when I return.

    - Bill

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    It is Illegal To Transport Firearms on the BW Parkway

    I just called the National Park Service on the phone number 301-344-3948 listed on their web site.

    They referred me to 301-344-4250. The person who answered at this number stated that it is ILLEGAL to transport firearms on federal property such as the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, the Clara Barton Parkway and the George Washington Parkway.

    He referred me to Federal Criminal Code Title 5 as the law governing this rule.


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    Law Changed

    This article documents the fact that the law prohibiting firearms on the BW Parkway changed in February 2010.

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