A web site you must check out.

Help monitor this “deadly” firearm; for the children; for a greener planet; for women's choice; to help labor unions; for the poor; to help the handicapped… I’m just sure they’ll be giving away “carbon credits” for your help on this one.

You could be the one watching when it finally make it's move, and you know it will, on it's own. Any minute it will just jump up from the corner and start shooting people, all by it's self. It's what it does. Without warning.

But if you see it you could warn your family, alert your whole neighborhood, call the police, call out the National Guard, mobilize the 82nd Airborne Division, notify NORAD, phone FEMA, the FAA can ground all aircraft. Email the FBI, the CIA, Homeland Security, the ASPCA, E-I-E-I-Oh....

You know how dangerous these things can be when left unattended, just waiting for that moment to pounce. The laws of physics be damned. We know what that rifle is really thinking... and it's ain't very pretty.