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Thread: S&W Revolver For Sale

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    S&W Revolver For Sale

    SMITH & WESSON Model 60 LS Ladysmith, Single-Double Action, J-Frame revolver, calibers .38 Special, +P and .357 Magnum cartridges; brushed stainless steel frame, barrel & cylinder; accurate 2.125 inch barrel, 21.6 oz, LIKE NEW, purchased December 2017 in Maryland, S&W lifetime warranty and original box, Paid $760 inc Tx & MSP, asking $675 with accessories. (Fewer than 500 rounds through it, works great, but my wife doesn't like it so I want to get her something smaller. No trades.) See S&W web link above for more specs. Name your favorite FFL to complete legal transaction in Maryland. Goddard club member. -Pat Kilroy at
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