Hi !

ANYONE INTERESTED in joining me in taking one or more instructor-led NRA and USCCA courses this year?

Over my many years I have gained much experience in rifle and shotgun safety. But, experience with handguns seems to be a different animal, requiring much more oversight and practice. So, I'd like to pick up formal education and range time in this area. Over a year ago, I took the Utah CCW permit course next door to AGC (at the IOTA Firearms and Security Training Academy) and I thought they were excellent, certainly top notch. Not much done since then. I feel I owe it to myself, my family and others to keep learning and gaining experience.

FYI, see https://associatedgunclubs.org/training/ and https://theiotagroup.com/

These training facilities offer many good, certified courses on the subjects of pistol, safety and self defense. These are the courses for me this year. Join me?

Shall we add this as an agenda item to our next GGC meeting?
Do we have enough members who wish to get on board, perhaps even "group rates"?
Want to join me on selected Saturdays for more time on the pistol range?

Either way, I'm on a roll!



Pat Kilroy
contact: patkilroy1@gmail.com?subject=GGC_and_Training_2019